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Orphans & Oddballs

Orphans are pieces of fabric that have been 'orphaned' from the bolt when custom cuts have been ordered or when the end of the bolt has been reached. The remaining piece(s) of fabric are not suitable for selling as a standard cut of fabric and are not usually suited to another custom cut (unless it's an odd-sized one). These fabrics are offered as a one-off in the size described, dyed to your choice of colour. Pieces are individually priced, based on the size and type of fabric, and have a 10% discount off the usual price built in. You get to choose the colour you want the fabric to be! 

Please include your colour request in the comments box - if you are adopting a whole family of orphans (i.e. ordering multiple pieces of fabric) please use the reference number when you list the colours you want them to be.

Oddballs are orphaned pieces of fabric that have been dyed prior to being offered for sale. They are also one-offs and are first quality, incorporating the 10% discount for orphans. The measurements given show the selvage measurement first (where the selvage is still there!). A piece stated as  18" x 24" (46 x 61cm) would mean it is 18" along the selvage edge prior to being dyed. 

All dyed fabrics will be labelled and packed in the usual manner for Countrystitch fabrics. 

These fabrics are not returnable for exchange or credit - all sales are final! No further discounts are available, unless something goes wrong during the dyeing process, in which case you may be offered the piece as a 'second' at a further-reduced price. 

This page will be updated periodically as more orphans arrive in the workroom, and as orphans and oddballs are selected for adoption. I will remove items as soon as I can after they have been adopted/spoken for, and will let you know if a piece you want has already been selected by someone else or is otherwise no longer available - apologies in advance for any inconvenience that delays in this step may cause. 

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