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Shipping Information

New Zealand

Items that meet NZ Post's letter rate specifications for domestic mail can be sent at letter rates.

A minimum charge of $5.20 (including GST) applies - there is no tracking available on this option.

Rural Delivery - if your item is being sent to a rural delivery address (based on NZ Post rules), and cannot be sent letter rate, the minimum charge will be $10.50 (including GST).

Non-signature courier - an additional charge of $2.00 per package will apply.

Additional rates will apply for parcels that are exceed the dimensions for which the above rates apply. NB NZ Post prepaid bags are used where possible. Non-letter items will include tracking - your tracking number will be emailed to you. 

Outside New Zealand

The only items that can be sent letter rate from NZ to overseas addresses must be paper or documents in form. This means that all fabric, threads or other stitching items must be sent as packages, and parcel rates apply. This also means that Customs Declarations must be completed, and items are automatically insured for up to $250. This does not include tracking - this is available at extra cost that will need to be calculated at the time of shipping. Tracking is not usually necessary - it is very rare that parcels go missing!

For most fabric orders, this means that up to a fat half (or two fat quarters, etc) of most fabrics can be sent for the rates shown. For packages over 200g in weight, additional charges will apply based on the weight of the package.

GST is not applicable to postage on items sent to addresses outside NZ.

NZ Post Zone
South Pacific
North America (i.e. USA/Canada), United Kingdom, Europe
Rest of the World

If you are not sure which Zone your destination falls within, please ask.

International tracking is available - the cost of this will be added to the postage amounts noted above, and your tracking number will be emailed to you once it has been generated by the shipping software (NZ Post software - not this website). 

Target delivery times are between 5 to 7 working days (Australia) and 10 to 14 working days for all other destinations. Delivery times cannot be guaranteed, and are completely out of our control once the package has been lodged with NZ Post. This is definitely applicable in these post-pandemic times - guaranteeing delivery timeframes is not possible, even with tracking options.