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Rainbow Club

Do you like the idea of receiving a gorgeous piece (or pieces) of fabric in the mail every month? And at a 10% discount?

If you do, then the Rainbow Club is for you!

Important note: Rainbow Club has a membership limit. From 1 January 2022 anyone wishing to join will be waitlisted if the membership list is full, and advised when a place is available. All orders requesting new membership will be replied to, and as part of the reply will advise whether the requested membership can begin immediately or is on the waitlist. If it is waitlisted, you will be advised of your position on the waitlist. Priority for membership will be given to people who have been active members but have been paused for no more than six months, so new applications on the waitlist may be 'bumped' by returning members. Returning members who have been paused for more than six months will be waitlisted along with prospective new members.

How it works ...

We will send you a piece - or multiple pieces - of fabric that has been selected and dyed just for you.

All the standard options can be customised to meet your personal preferences, or you can 'build your own'. This gives you a great way to build up a stash of your favourite fabrics for future projects. Or you can request a specific fabric for a particular project as your selection that month. The discount will still apply, even if the size is different to your regular choice.

The target date for mailing each month is the 20th (plus or minus a few days), which means it will reach most destinations by the end of the month or at the start of the new month.

If you want to, you can even choose multiple options. We will ensure that you don't receive the same colour for the different options, so you are assured of a variety. You can even specify colours or counts of fabric that you don't want to receive - e.g. if blue makes you want to scratch your eyes out with a rusty needle, and you let us know, we'll make sure to NOT send you blue.

All the fabrics we use for our dyeing are available to choose from. Unless you opt for only high or low count fabrics, the majority of what is sent to you will be the 'mid-range' counts of 25 to 32 count with the occasional selection of lower or higher counts. So if you can't see to stitch on higher counts (e.g. 36ct and 40ct) it is really important to tell us this!

Club options have been grouped according to the cuts of fabric included:

  • Option A - 2 Small cuts (35 x 25cm/13.7" x 9.8") of linen or evenweave, 27.5 x 25cm/10.8" x 9.8" of Aida
  • Option B - 1 Fat Eighth (50 x 35cm/19.7" x 13.7") of linen or evenweave, 50 x 27.5m/19.7" x 10.8" of Aida 
  • Option C - 1 Fat Quarter (70 x 50cm/27.5" x 19.7") of linen or evenweave, 55 x 50cm/21.7" x 19.7" of Aida
  • Option D - 1 Fat Quarter (70 x 50cm/27.5" x 19.7") plus 1 Small cut (35 x 25cm/13.7" x 9.8") of linen or evenweave, 55 x 50cm/21.7" x 19.7" plus one 27.5 x 25cm/10.8" x 9.8" of Aida
  • Option E - 2 Fat Quarters (70 x 50cm/27.5" x 19.7") of linen or evenweave, 55 x 50cm/21.7" x 19.7" of Aida
  • Option F - 1 Fat Half (100 x 70cm/ of linen or evenweave, 100 x 55cm/39.4" x 21.7" of Aida

Within each of these main options there are a number of sub-options. If you're not sure which is the best option for you - or love the element of surprise for the fabrics you'll receive - select A1, B1, C1, D1, E1 or F1. We will then do the rest and price your monthly treat accordingly.

You can cancel at any time, and there are no joining fees. Prices do not include shipping. The standard shipping rates in the shopping cart are based on a maximum package size of up to half a metre of fabric, so higher charges will apply for heavier packages. Prices displayed for NZ customers are GST-inclusive. 

For international customers, GST will be removed from your sales documentation at the time of shipping - the shopping cart removes GST automatically on checkout, so your order confirmation will be GST-exclusive. If you're not sure, please email and ask. 

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