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Hand-dyed fabrics

Hand-dyed fabrics are dyed-to-order, so each piece is freshly prepared for you, the customer. White fabrics from Zweigart are used as the base fabric. 

Most of the fabric colours are prepared using a single colour of dye. Some, however, use two or more colours of dye. This can result in even more colours in the final dyed fabrics as the dyes blend where they meet on and in the fabric.

Hand-dyed prices

Because of the huge number of possible fabric type, fabric and size combinations, it is very difficult to show prices for each step of the ordering process. Prices for your selection will show in the shopping cart once you add product to the cart. NB for overseas customers - these prices include GST, which should be removed at the time you complete the shipping information. This information will be double-checked and any tax remaining will be removed before your payment is processed.

For your convenience, the prices for standard cuts of linen and evenweave fabrics are shown in the table below. It should be noted that these are the sizes before dyeing - some shrinkage occurs during dyeing! Price in parentheses is the GST-exclusive price for shipping addresses outside NZ.

Metre (140 x 100cm or 55" x 39.4")







Fat Half (100 x 70cm or 39.4" x 27.5")







Fat Quarter (70 x 50cm or 27.5" x 19.7")







Fat Eighth (50 x 35cm or 19.7" x 13.8")







Small (35 x 25cm or 13.8" x 9.8")







Per square centimetre/per square inch

$0.0161/square cm ($0.0140)

$0.1040/square inch ($0.090)

$0.0115/square cm ($0.0100)

$0.0743/square inch ($0.646)

$0.0154/square cm ($0.0134)

$0.0868/square inch ($0.0754)

Custom Cuts

If you require a custom cut, please use the following guidance to determine what size to order:

Step 1: Add your required width and length (in inches or centimetres) and note down the total.

Step 2: Order based on the following guidance -

                If your total is more than 33.5" (85cm) and less than 47.2" (120cm) - order a fat quarter;

                If your total is more than 47.2" (120cm) and less than 66.9" ((170cm) - order a fat half;

                If your total is more than 66.9" (170cm) - order a full metre.

Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2 for all the pieces you wish to order.

Step 4: Use the comments box at checkout to tell us what the actual sizes you require are for each piece.

If you are not confident in the maths of it or would prefer a double-check on your calculations, email us with the stitched width and height (e.g. 200w x 300h) as well as your preferred finishing margin (e.g. 3" all around) or use the contact form to send a message. The best email to use for this is catherine. rozendaal @ (copy this into your address box and take out the spaces!). Please put 'Custom Cut Enquiry' in the subject box so that it doesn't go to the spam folder! We can then message you back with the sizes you should order for your requirements.

Brand: Countrystitch Model: HD-WoodGlow
A very deep rose pink with a touch of maroon brown. DMC approximation is between 315 and 3802 on linen, and between 3727 and 316 on evneweave. This colour works well on all available fabrics, with linen giving the brightest results. Lugana, other evenweaves and Aida give paler (more muted) results...
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