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Grab Bag - Hand-Dyed Linens

Grab Bag - Hand-Dyed Linens
Grab Bag - Hand-Dyed Linens

A selection of hand-dyed linen seconds totalling a half metre. 

The fabrics included will be a mix of colours, counts and sizes of linen fabrics. They will not be labelled with count or colour, and may not be overlocked (serged). Most of the pieces will be standard size cuts, but some pieces might be smaller than the smallest standard cut. They will still be usable for small items such as Christmas Ornaments (see the disclaimer below).

Actual contents will be subject to availability.

Important note: these fabrics are seconds! Some of them were dyeing experiments, some of them were pieces that went awry in the dyeing process. In other words they are not perfect! In fact, some of them may be in the butt-ugly or "oh my goodness, what was she thinking?" category. But they are worth a second chance, as they are still usable pieces of fabric - you just have to work around the imperfections.

These fabrics are not returnable - all sales are final!

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