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Attention - COVID-19

Unfortunately this nasty virus affects us all. What this means for you, our lovely and loyal customers, is that there will be delays shipping your product. The mail system here in New Zealand is focused on delivery of essential supplies (food and medicines). Postal outlets and agencies are closed until at least 22 April. It is uncertain if mailboxes will be cleared. 

Getting rid of this nasty virus from our country - and the rest of the world - has to take priority! Unfortunately this means that orders will be delayed. They will be shipped to you as soon as we can be sure that they will be delivered to you in a timely manner - for NZ customers this means as soon as I know for sure whether mailing boxes are being cleared, as it is not desirable for your items to sit in uncleared mailing boxes for too long!

Thank you for your understanding - if you have any questions please email catherine.rozendaal@gmail.com or using the contact form on the website. 

Countrystitch is a small company specialising in hand-dyed fabrics. We also offer a range of standard fabrics from Zweigart, and ranges of standard and hand-dyed threads, as well as other stitching needs. 

We use Zweigart fabrics for our hand-dyed fabrics. Zweigart is one of the leading embroidery fabric manufacturers, with a well-earned reputation for quality products. In addition to our precut sizes, we also custom cut fabric if you are needing a certain size. The cost of custom cut fabric is calculated on the basis of actual size. In most cases no surcharge will be applied (although we do reserve the right to make your piece of fabric a little larger to accommodate more economical fabric cutting, and to price for this accordingly). Please email us for a quote if you need a particular size piece for a project.

If you are shopping for someone else, why not send them a gift certificate? These can be tailored to suit both your budget and the recipient. If you would rather buy something instead for a gift, we can send this directly if you would like, either anonymously or with your name 'attached'  - just be sure to let us know if you want it gift wrapped!

Not all items are held in stock, so some may have to be ordered on request. If you can't find what you are looking for or need help deciding, please let us know and we'll do our best to help you.We do try to keep the overdyed floss thread lines in stock at all times, but other threads and items are usually ordered on an as-required basis.

Displayed prices include GST. GST is not applicable to orders where product is sent direct to addresses outside New Zealand - any tax included in these order confirmations will be deducted when invoices and payments are processed.